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SAMC's Annual Arts Festival has something for everyone

Trinity Western University’s annual Festival of the Arts, Media + Culture wraps up with jazz, movies, and more! Read More

TWU Concert Features Band & Orchestra Favourites

Everyone loves a good story! From the light-hearted fairy tale to the action-packed war epic, there’s a dramatic lineup of entertainment at A Century of Story, a weekend of performances by the Trinity Western University Concert Band and Orchestra. Read More

Study Worship at TWU

Worship studies courses start this fall - for all students. Find them in your course calendar and get in on the conversation. Read More

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It's romance on the runway in “Twelfth Night”

Set in the 1950s, in the opulent world of Paris-inspired fashion, this is romantic comedy at its fanciest. Read More

TWU’s senior art students present Retracing Social Practice

Trinity Western University’s most advanced art and design students are presenting their work at a multimedia exhibit in Langley called Retracing Social PracticeRead More

TWU's Touring Choir Gives Homecoming Performance

On the heels of a successful tour to Ottawa and New York City, the choirs of Trinity Western University present Sacred Space, a pair of concerts in Surrey and Abbotsford on March 18 and 19. Read More


 Dean's Corner


Dr. David Squires

Welcome to SAMC

Our world is full of art and ideas...everywhere we turn we encounter words, music, images. Human beings – created in the image of a Creator God – are fundamentally and amazingly creative. SAMC is a rich and stimulating academic community of people who believe in the power and the wonder of words and ideas, music and images, story and relationship. As highly creative and skilled artists, scholars, and leaders, we fully engage the culture in which we live, and are dedicated to mentoring students in the development of their own personal voice. Read more

First Things 2015

Dean's address, SAMC fall kick-off, Sept 9, 2015. Read more

First Things 2014

Dean's address, SAMC fall kick-off, Sept 3, 2014. Read more

First Things 2013

Dean's address, SAMC fall kick-off, Sept 4, 2013. Read more

First Things 2012

Dean's address, SAMC fall kick-off, Sept 5, 2012. Read more

First Things 2011

Dean's address, SAMC fall kick-off, Sept 14, 2011. Read more

A Vision for the School of the Arts, Media + Culture

Dean's address, delivered at the launch of SAMC, April 6, 2010. 
Read more


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