As a premier Christian university, our purpose is to develop competence and character – giving you the tools you need to impact your life and the lives of others. It’s an education that will pay great returns throughout your lifetime. We want to help you every step of the way through your TWU experience, and one important step is financing your education.

$8 Million
in Financial Aid is available to TWU students annually
99.3% of students received aid in 2013
$5,200 Average Aid Package (not including loans)


Tuition and Fees for 2015-16

Tuition: $22,260

Standard Housing and Meal Plan: $7,550*

Books and Supplies: $1,200 

General Fees: $338 

* Full-time 1st and 2nd year students under the age of 21 not living at home are required to live on-campus.

Note: Tuition is based on 30 semester hours per year at a rate of $742 per semester hour. Tuition, housing, and meal plan costs are subject to change for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Academic Scholarships for 2015-16

First-Time University Students

Award Type High School % 4.3 GPA Scale 4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year
President's Scholarship 90.0% to 100% 4.01-4.30 3.73 - 4.00 $7000
Provost's Scholarship 85.0% to 89.9% 3.76-4.00 3.50 - 3.72 $5000
Dean's Scholarship 73.0% to 84.9% 3.00-3.75 2.80 - 3.49 $3000
Entrance Award 65.0% to 72.9% 2.00-2.99 2.00 - 2.79 $2000

New Transfer Students

Award Type 4.3 GPA Scale 4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year
President's Scholarship 3.80-4.30 3.54-4.00 $5000
Provost's Scholarship 3.30-3.79 2.80-3.53 $3500
Dean's Scholarship 2.50-3.29 2.33-2.79 $2500
Entrance Award 2.0-2.49 2.00-2.31 $2000

Note: Scholarship and grant funding are based on a 15 semester hour course load per semester and will be adjusted according to your courseload.  For example, if you take 16 semester hours, these awards will increase by 1/15th. If you take 14 semester hours, these awards will decrease by 1/15th. All other award categories remain constant, regardless of semester hours (12 hours minimum). Ongoing academic requirements must be met in order to renew the scholarship each year. 

Financial Aid

Additional institutional financial aid is available through our TWU Grant, Named Awards, Church Matching Grant Program, on-campus employment, and other scholarships.

You can also utilize funds from work in the summer prior to the start of school.

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