Permit & Paid Parking

Academic Year Permit

Academic Year Permits are valid from September 1st to April 30th of each academic year. The costs are as follows and include applicable taxes:

Commuters $350 ('C' Permit)
Residents $382.50 ('R' Permit)

Commuter and Resident students may purchase an academic year parking permit at the following locations:

  -  TWU, ESLI and ACTS students: Security and Parking Services Office (Welcome Center)

  -  TWU-X students:  Global Learning Centre (North West) and Security and Parking Services Office (Welcome Center)

It is mandatory that you provide accurate vehicle details with regard to the make, model, colour, and vehicle licence plate number. Incomplete or incorrect details may void a permit and result in a violation ticket being issued.


  • Permits must be clearly displayed and affixed using the decal's adhesive in the left hand corner (driver's side) of the windshield or hanging on an official T.W.U. hangtag from the vehicle's rear-view mirror and must be readable when approached from the front of the vehicle. Unaffixed decals will result in a violation being issued.
  • HANGTAGS are authorized and issued ONLY by Parking Services. Homemade hangtags and unaffixed decals will result in a violation being issued.
  • 'C' Permits DO NOT guarantee a prime parking spot.
  • Permits may be obtained throughout the academic school year on a pro-rated basis.
  • Refunds are given for commuter and resident permits on a pro-rated basis. The permit MUST be returned to Parking Services, even if it is in pieces, to receive a refund. Refunds will only be credited to the student's account as per the pro-rated refund schedule.
  • Your permit must match your student status - Commuters must display a 'C' Permit, Residents must display an 'R' permit.  If your student status changes, please see Parking Services to exchange your decal for the correct one.
  • Permits are non-transferable and may not be loaned, sold or exchanged to another student.
  • Permit holders MUST read the signs that designate parking lots to ensure they have parked in a valid lot for their permit. See Lots for details.
  • To replace a lost or stolen permit, the permit holder shall purchase a new permit at full pro-rated cost. However, if a permit holder has a police/ICBC report explaining the loss, the permit will be replaced for a $25.00 administration fee.
  • If you are temporarily driving an alternate car (i.e. courtesy vehicle) and are a permit holder, please stop at the Welcome Centre to receive a Complimentary Day Pass.

Pay Daily

  • Purchase a daily parking dispenser pass for $7.50 per day (tax included).
  • Clearly display on dash, printed side up. Failure to do so will result in a violation ticket.
  • Park in any lot allowing 'purchased tickets'.
  • Ticket dispensers are located at the following locations on the TWU campus: Flagpole, Fosmark/Canil, and Northwest. The Reimer Student Centre underground has a pay hourly dispenser. Dispensers accept coins, Visa and Mastercard. Be sure to have exact change as the dispensers do not give change.
  • If any particular dispenser is malfunctioning, the driver MUST seek the next available working dispenser to purchase their parking dispenser ticket.
  • A claim that a dispenser was not working is no defence to a parking violation for parking without a valid dispenser ticket.

Pay Weekly

  • Purchase an $25.00 weekly permit at the Parking Services office (Welcome Center) or one of the ticket dispensers - valid for 7 calendar days.
  • Clearly display on dash, printed side up, or hanging on a hangtag in the vehicles rear view mirror.
  • Park in any C lot.

Summer Parking

Summer parking must be purchased between the months of May 1st and September 1st. A Summer Permit may be purchased for the full 4 month summer semester, or purchase weekly or daily parking. No Academic Year Permits will be valid after April 30th. Summer Permits will be available for purchase starting in April for summer courses. There are no refunds on Summer Permits.


Motorcycles do not require a parking permit when parked in designated areas.

Parking for People with Disability

Persons holding a valid Disabled parking permit from any province/state, may park at no charge in any disabled space, in any lot. If you have a temporary disability that merits special parking consideration, obtain a temporary disabled permit upon submission of a physicians certificate, at the Parking Services office (Welcome Centre).

Alumni Passes

  • Alumni Parking Pass holders may park in C lots only and must adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to C Lots. See Lots.
  • Alumni Parking Passes ARE NOT valid if classes are being taken. If you are an Alumni taking classes, you must purchase student parking.
  • Alumni Parking Passes are free and are issued to TWU graduates. It is a pass given to former students so they may drive on to campus (for reasons such as visiting friends, shopping at the bookstore, going to the gym, having lunch) and park at no charge.
  • Alumni Parking Passes must be registered with Parking Services. Failure to do so may result in a violation ticket being issued.