Starting your Engineering Degree at TWU


Get in Gear!


Why Prepare for Engineering at Trinity Western University?

We have all the necessary first-year science & math courses, and even some of the second-year courses, with professors who are experts, mostly with PhDs. And unlike at UBC or SFU or UVic or elsewhere, these courses are taught in small classes and from a Christian perspective.

You can take other TWU core courses to provide a solid foundation in the Christian liberal arts: Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, Psychology, Business, Communication, and others.

Students will find that many aspects of TWU allow them to uniquely meet many of the "non-scientific" components which are important in the training and life of an engineer.

  • Our emphasis on the liberal arts includes excellent opportunities for developing students' communication skills which are very important in engineering.
  • As a Christian university, we have a calling to be sensitive to cultural, economic, and social impacts of our work.
  • We explore and develop an interdependent and multi-faceted creation.
  • We have strong biology and environmental studies programs which are in an excellent position to help faculty and students advance the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.
  • Our Christian morals and ethics contribute to a solid understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the engineer.

Engineering is part of our mandate to develop and advance culture through wise and stewardly use of the resources entrusted to us by their and our Creator.

The world needs insightful, servant leadership by engineers whose motivations and ideals have been formulated through a critical analysis of the positive and negative cultural effects of technology.

Engineers must seek to develop technological artifacts in ways which acknowledge the fact that the users and beneficiaries are image-bearers of the Creator.

Engineering Options at Trinity Western University

1) Apply to First-Year Engineering after one year of TWU science

Students who have completed the following courses at Trinity Western can apply for entry into the first year of the engineering program at UBC:

  • MATH 123, 124 (calculus I, II)
  • CHEM 111, 112 (chemistry I, II)
  • PHYS 111, 112 (physics I, II)
  • ENGL 103, 104 (literature)
  • humanities electives (6 sem. hrs.)

Completion of these courses will reduce the course requirements in the four-year engineering program at UBC.

2) Transfer into the Second Year of an Engineering Program

The three universities in British Columbia offering Engineering programs, namely the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria, reserve space in their second year for students who have completed the equivalent of first year engineering at another institution. Requirements vary among these universities; a one or two-year program at Trinity Western can be crafted in consultation with the Coordinator of Engineering Transfer and the destination university.

2a) Spend one year at TWU

For entry into the second year of UBC Engineering, one or more of the following additional courses are required, the more the better:

  • MATH 250 (linear algebra)
  • CMPT 140 (computer programming)
  • CHEM/PHYS 240 (physical chemistry: thermodynamics)
  • engineering graphics - in May/June at Kwantlen (APSC 1151) or evenings at University of the Fraser Valley (ENGR 151)
  • PHYS 220 (mechanics) or statics & dynamics evenings at UFV (ENGR 113) or summer at Langara College (PHYS 1219)

2b) Spend two years at TWU

Several additional courses will strengthen your background and likely help reduce the course load in the final three years of the UBC Engineering program, such as:

  • MATH 223 (multivariable calculus)
  • MATH 310 (statistics)
  • MATH/PHYS 321 (differential equations)
  • CMPT 480 (ethical and social issues in high technology)
  • ECON 201 (microeconomics)
  • ECON 102 (macroeconomics)
  • UFV's ENGR 122 (introduction to engineering: seminars and tours)
  • other science courses relevant to the engineering program of interest
  • humanities and social sciences electives

UBC requires a GPA of 2.7 for transfer, and will work with students in cases where not all courses have been completed. This is subject to change, and is a bit more detailed: a GPA of 2.7 is required in first year math and science courses, and a separate GPA is calculated based on the 10 most recently taken courses (including F's and repeats).

Students wishing to complete their engineering degree at UBC are encouraged to contact and visit them in the fall semester prior to their planned arrival at UBC.

"TWU provides valuable preparation for our engineering programs. We welcome students who follow either of the options suggested."
—Dr. A. Bruce Dunwoody, Associate Dean of Engineering, UBC
For more information, contact Dr. Arnold E. Sikkema, or Dr. Herbert Tsang, P.Eng., Coordinators of Engineering Transfer.
Download a PDF colour bifold brochure here.