Trinity Western University

Proposed School of Law

Update on the proposed School of Law

We never imagined that our proposal to offer legal education at a private Christian university would spark a national controversy, but that is what we face today.

- Bob Kuhn, President, Trinity Western University

 Trinity Western finalized its proposal for a School of Law in 2012 after more than 20 years of planning, extensive consultation and detailed preparation. The proposal followed the new national guidelines for accreditation established by the law societies of Canada and the requirements of the Minister of Advanced Education for British Columbia for offering a new degree program. That process turned out to be complicated and difficult, but in December 2013 TWU had the necessary approvals. A year later, the situation has changed dramatically. 

We find ourselves in the middle of a very significant conflict. The quality of our program and the quality of our graduates are not being challenged. Instead, the issue is whether the faculty, staff and students of TWU are allowed to live, work and study together in a  community that honours the traditional Christian conception of marriage. That issue touches on the fundamental freedoms and equality rights that go to the core of Canada’s existence as a truly free and democratic society.

- Earl Phillips, Executive Director, School of Law


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