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Canada is one of the leading countries in developing its biotechnology industry. This fast-growing industry has over 90 biotechnological companies right here in the Lower Mainland. Research in the industry is diverse and offers employment for individuals with a variety of interests.

Trinity Western University’s Biotechnology Program equips students with the knowledge, experience, ethical expertise, and contacts necessary to forge their way into this exciting and innovative field. Students may go on to work for a laboratory that manufactures anticancer drugs, a vaccine against bird flu, or a “wonder” treatment for macular degeneration – a leading cause of blindness; or maybe their research will lead to a break-through discovery of a pest-resistant crop to help alleviate hunger in the developing world?

Graduates of the biotechnology programs will possess:volumetric flask

1) superior skills in theoretical and practical science and business

2) advanced training in bioinformatics and emerging areas of biotechnology

3) experience in the biotechnology industry through internships and co-ops

4) ability to address ethical issues in their field with knowledge of thoughtful Christian perspectives.

Program Overview